Catch Up Time

8 02 2010

So I kind of fell off the blogging wagon while I was prepping for my respiratory midterm, but I’m jumping back on. Getting ready for an exam is the perfect time for distractions so I have lots to write about.

I’ve recently been bitten by the interior decorating bug. After Christmas break I actually got my apartment to a really tidy state, beyond my usual funcitonal tidyness (tidiness??) This means I can actually see the potential in the place for some grown up decorating. Initially, I was dreaming up large scale projects (in my usual fashion) for the living room; painting furniture, creating light fixtures, small scale mural painting on the walls. Then I reality set in and I realized that it wasn’t really feasible for me to try and do such things. So I decided to start with the bathroom, the smallest room at my place. I noticed that I already had a colour scheme going. The shower curtain has an aqua motif of open circles, almost bubble-like, and I have a clock I got from Jackie with similar colours and cirlce design. I decided an easy place to start would be with hand towels; simple, cheap and functional. They did their job, adding a nice bit of colour to the room. I have also purchased some canvases which I plan to paint and put up. I’m still trying to decide on what should go on them, whether I should go with something geometric or maybe flowers. They are definitely a work in progess, something I’ll likely work on designing over spring break in a couple of weeks.

The interior desiging bug has just recently moved itself towards my bedroom. I have a couple of things that I really love in there, but I wasn’t sure how to work them together.

First is my demin quilt. I made it back in high school several years ago (I won’t say exactly how many years lest I make myself feel old) that I adore. Its super heavy and warm with nostalgia. Despite my love for it, it just doesn’t say ‘wow’ in the style department the way it did back then, but I couldn’t bear to retire it. Then I had a light bulb moment; cover it! No need to stuff it away in a closet. I could simply find a sheet or a fabric that is more up to date and give my old favourite a face lift. I am currently still on the hunt for that perfect piece, but I do have a theme in mind that I will elaborate on shortly.

Next on the list of things to work with was my jewelery body. It’s a lovely wrought iron piece I found a few years ago at a closing out sale in Truro. It adds some femininity to the room without super pink or lacy and is the perfect way to store various bits of jewelery while still acting as an accent piece. I am still trying to figure out where exactly I want to put it, but I think that may come more naturally as the room comes together.

Alright, just one last bit about the room and then on to the acutal decorating ideas. I hate the closet. It’s terribley unfunctional which means that I don’t use it, which means that my room is messier than it needs to be and I have all that wasted space. It has a single door that doesn’t move all the way to one side or the other, meaning that I only ever access about 40% of the closet at a time. I can never get to the middle of the rod. Half the time I am actually standing in the closet, behind the door, to get to what I want. It had to come down. And it did, thanks to my handy-dandy Jill on Thursday.

IMG 0723

IMG 0726IMG 0729



Now for the main event. Right now the project on the go is curtains for the closet. Those got started this weekend with Grandma. I twisted her (rubber) arm and we went to FabricVille on the hunt for something with white and red and black. We spent quite a while browsing and then we found the perfect one. It’s a sheer with a red leaf motif outlined in black on a white sheer. We’re putting red tabs and a red header on it too. I can’t wait to have them done and up. I think they will add a really nice touch to the room. There’s also plans for a roman-style blind for my bedroom window using the red for main part and then the sheer for a topper. This hasn’t come to life in any fashion as of yet, purely still in the planning stages.

Curtain sheer


Okay folks, that’s all for now, thanks for reading.