For the first time, by popular demand

17 01 2010

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got some pictures takes of my current projects.  All but Meghan’s hat and scarf; we haven’t had a good time for a photo shoot lately.

Here is Lesley’s Harry Potter scarf, just completed this afternoon.  Paige’s is the purple one and is still in progress.  The colour didn’t show up quite accurate.  It’s really a nice deep amethyst.  When it’s done it will be three strips braided together, one ribbed, one seed stitch, and one more, not sure what kind of stitch yet.  Finally, the teal coloured piece is the lap blanket I’m working on for the library.  Still a lot of work left on that one, I’ll likely finish just as the semester finishes.

(Photos didn’t show up just the way I wanted.  I’m still working on the learning curve)


Maybe a braid’ll do the trick

9 01 2010

So last night I thought I had decided on a pattern for Paige’s scarf, then after about 20 rows, I changed my mind. It just didn’t fit what I was picturing in my mind’s eye. It was a simple cable, just spaced out a bit. Now I’m picturing a braided cable, but I’m having trouble finding a basic pattern to use as a template. I also don’t want to have to rip it out again as the yarn has a nice texture to it and too much of that will ruin the yarn, make it all fuzzy. Hopefully the braided design will sit better.

On a positive note, I finished the knitting part of Lesley’s Harry Potter scarf. It still needs the ends darned in and the fringe added, but the big part is done.

Let’s give this a whirl

8 01 2010

I am 100% new at this so I guess I’ll just dive right in.

I started a few projects over the Christmas break and planned many many more.  I started and completed a hat and scarf set for my friend Meghan as a present.  She had picked out the hat and I decided to add a matching scarf.  I used the pattern “Big Rasta Thumb Cable Beret” available from pixiebell on  I will have to get some pictures of it to post.  I’m very proud of it as it was my first project involving cables AND double-pointed needles, both of which I was previously convinced were difficult.

The other items I started over Christmas were a shawl for myself to wear at the drafty library and a burgundy and gold Harry Potter scarf for Lesley.  The scarf is coming along quite well and I’m super impressed with the colours.  They didn’t look quite right in the store, but once I started working them together it was like magic how good they looked.  The shawl is much slower going as it is much wider, but I am already loving how it is working up.  I’m using Lion Brand Homespun yarn for that one.  It’s so soft, I lose a lot of working time snuggling with it already and it’s not even 1/3 done.

My next project is a scarf for Paige.  I have already bought the yarn, a nice deep purple in Bernat Harmony.  I have a few ideas running around for a pattern but it isn’t quite finalized yet.  I’m picturing chunky cables but it needs a little more to be just right.